Luxor AHT-ADM-2417-V Medallion Single Vertical Door
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Luxor AHT-ADM-2417-V Medallion Single Vertical Door

Enhance your built-in BBQ Island with these built-in fine accessories. All stainless steel used on Luxor accessories are professional quality 304 stainless steel. All Medallion Luxor accessories have polished handles and edges. The Medallion series single door is available, and can be used either vertically or horizontally depending on your project requirements. Additional flexibility is offered with the choice of a left or right handle on the door.

  • Professional quality 304 stainless steel construction
  • Available either left or right handle
  • Left handle (AHT-ADM-2417-VL)
  • Right handle (AHT-ADM-2417-VR)
  • CUT OUT SIZE: W17 ¼” H24 ¼”
  • Available for special order
sku AHT-ADM-2417-V