Luxor AHT-30CV-L-BI 30″ Built-In Grill

Luxor AHT-30CV-L-BI 30″ Built-In Grill

Luxor grills are unique because they allow you, the consumer, to choose the size of grill, burner configurations, and fuel type.
The next decision you get to make is do I prefer a free standing grill or do I want a built-in model?  That is when our professional sales staff at Leisure Living will happily listen to your barbecue needs and help you find the grill of your dreams. Luxor grills come standard with the convection style burner systems, but remember you can upgrade as many of the burners as you would like to with the ceramic infrared burners on any size Luxor grill.   All Luxor gas grills are available with or without a rotisserie. The Infrared ceramic back burner produces intense searing heat which helps lock in flavor and juices. Since there is no secondary heat element to trap grease, flare-ups are virtually eliminated.  Add great wood smoke flavor to all your grilled food using the independent smoker box and burner. The smoker burner is placed between two main burners for an even distribution of the smoke. Use the convenient stainless steel tray to add wood chips of different flavors as you grill. Hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, pecan and alder are just some of the choices. The smoker box and burner also allows for cold smoking for added flavor. Luxor focuses on the small but very important features, such as their spring assist design that makes lifting grill hoods easier, along with their easy to read temperature gauge and built-in halogen surface lights.  Leisure Living represents the full line of Luxor grills and grilling accessories. Let us help you design your ideal barbecue area.

Read more about the infrared and convectional systems that can be combined in any size Luxor grill.


Luxor’s convection style burner systems, composed of stainless steel u-shaped burners, rated at 27,500 BTU’s each, is considered one of the highest BTU ratings in the industry. Combined with the heavy-duty stainless steel plates that support ceramic rocks, which help disperse heat evenly, absorbing and burning the drippings of food, results in the enhancement of flavor. The convectional style burner systems include 3/8” diameter stainless steel cooking grills.


Luxor grills are equipped with ceramic infrared burners which allow for higher heat output and professional cooking results. The infrared energy produced from Luxor grills is similar to heat produced from the sun. This type of energy is a direct heat source which allows the food to cook faster while making it juicier and more flavorful. This method of grilling has been a favorite among professional cooks and restaurants. Since there is no need for a heat distributing shield on top of the burner, there is less cleanup. This also eliminates the build-up of grease on heat distribution shields which could result in grease flare-ups. Ceramic infrared burners cook the food over 50% faster than convection burners this allows you to sear the food faster to keep in all the juices. The Luxor ceramic infrared burners are adjustable and can be set at a lower setting to accommodate grilling foods that require less heat such as vegetables.

  • Professional quality 304 stainless steel construction
  • Main grilling area = 490, Total cooking area =730 square inches
  • Two convection gas burners producing 55,000 BTU’s
  • Optional ceramic infrared burners available for an up-charge
  • Built-in halogen surface lights
  • Blue LED knob indicators
  • Stainless steel warming rack
  • Available in L.P. (Liquid Propane) or N.G. (Natural Gas)
  • Smoker box with independent burner
  • 15,000 BTU Infrared back burner
  • Electric stainless steel Rotisserie motor
  • CUT OUT SIZE: W28 ¾” D23  H10 ¼”
  • Available for special order.
sku AHT-30CV-L-BI