Kingsley Bate Teak Cleaner and Sealer

Kingsley Bate Teak Cleaner and Sealer

Teak furniture requires little, if any, maintenance and can be left outdoors year-round to weather naturally. While the rate of weathering varies depending on climate, moisture and exposure to the sun, your furniture will eventually acquire a beautiful silver-gray patina as the surface oil begins to evaporate.

We recommend Kingsley Bate Teak Cleaner to remove the silver-gray patina of weathered furniture and restore the wood to a light brown color. This process is simple, does not require heavy scrubbing, and takes about thirty minutes for one bench.

Note: TEAK CLEANER should only be used if you want to remove the silver-gray color of naturally weathered teak. To clean the furniture without removing the silver-gray, simply use soap and water. The cleaner will not remove the gray color on furniture that has been treated with our INSTANT GRAY product.

  • Eco Safe- Cleaner is water based.
  • Includes scrubbing pad.
  • 1 Liter Bottle.

If you prefer to keep your new teak furniture the original golden color, we recommend you use Kingsley Bate Teak Protector. This teak care product will maintain the golden color for a season and can be reapplied as needed. You should wait a few months before applying this teak sealer to newly purchased furniture, making certain it is clean and dry before beginning.

  • Eco Safe- Protector is 100% water based– we do not recommend using oil-based sealers on furniture.
  • Should be applied 1-2 times per year, or more frequently as necessary.
  • Maintains original teak color up to 4 times longer than teak oil and up to twice as long as teak sealers.
  • Resistant to mold and prevents black spots on teak.
  • Includes application cloth.
  • 1 Liter Bottle.


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