Kalalou Small Artificial Succulents in Round Pots
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Kalalou Small Artificial Succulents in Round Pots

These small artificial succulents in round pots from Kalalou adds a low maintenance layer of invitation and modern decor styling to what might otherwise be a bare spot on one of your patio tables.

Kalalou is a word of Creole origin that refers to a stew of many ingredients and spices, ideally prepared and enjoyed with family and friends. For our accessories manufacturer Kalalou, the “ingredients” include colors, textures, whimsy, artisans, recycled materials, different countries, repurposed objects, and lots of imagination. By traveling the lesser known corners of the world in an effort to bring to market unique accessory items, Kalalou provides economic opportunities to artisans around the world. These items retain a commitment to working with recycled and sustainable materials and a dedication to improving the lives of those within the regions from which they originate. Leisure Living is happy to represent and support responsible vendors such as Kalalou.

  • Various styles available.
  • All approx. 3.5W x 3.5D x 4.5H
sku CNL1033