Alfresco Steamer/Fryer/Pasta
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Alfresco Steamer/Fryer/Pasta

This versatile accessory brings new capabilities to any Alfresco grill. With it, you can make french fries, fried clams or shrimp, boil pasta or lobsters, or steam vegetables, all right on the grill. Installation is a breeze; just remove the existing right-side grilling grate. There is no need to remove the briquettes or briquette tray for operation. The AG-SF unit is meant to be operated with the hood in open position and should never be used in the closed position while boiling, steaming or frying. To ensure safe operation and quality results, always follow the instructions that come in your barbecue unit’s Care & Use Manual. Enjoy!

  • Easily drops onto any Alfresco grill.
  • Heated by main grill burner (cannot be used over Sear Zone IR burner.)
  • Designed to steam, boil, or deep fry foods.
  • All stainless construction.
  • Fryer basket and lid included.
sku AG-SF