4 Things You’ll Love About Our New Website

Leisure living is excited to announce a new website that makes shopping for the right patio furniture, barbecue grill, bar stools, and more even easier and more enjoyable. We’ve added a number of new features, but here we’ll highlight just four that we know you’ll love:

1. Bigger and better images

If you’re reading this, chances are that you like to do your homework about the products you plan to add to your home. Written descriptions are great, and we have those for every product on the site, but a picture is worth a thousand words. As you browse the site, we’ve made it easier to see what your looking for and enjoy it in greater detail.

2. Instant search

Sometimes instead of browsing our categories you may just want to find the products your looking for directly. Our new search will give you real-time results for the keywords you type, making it easier to glance at entire product groups or find the exact item you’re looking for. Give it a shot and search our complete selection

3. A shopping list creator

This website exists solely to augment the in-store shopping experience our customers have come to value and depend on. That’s why bridging the online and in-store experience was so important to us. Instead of having to remember what you looked at, you can can add items to your shopping list (look for the heart at the bottom of every product description), and view that list (look for the heart at the top of the website). Not only that, you can print the list directly from the site, or send us an email asking about all of the products your interested in and our helpful staff will get back to you.

4. Accessible from anywhere your big ideas happen

Thinking about ways to furnish your home and patio, or to host the next outdoor barbecue extravaganza, doesn’t just happen at a desktop computer. That’s why our site is 100% compatible with your tablet and mobile phone, making it easier to browser our expansive catalog of furniture, grills, and other outdoor accessories right from your living room.

The site is brand new, so if you come across anything that doesn’t look right or isn’t working to your satisfaction, please send our web developers a note so they can take care of it. We hope that you’ll find these improvements as helpful and exciting as we do. Happy browsing!